Dr. Todd M. Hall, Sr. is the founder and Chief Apostle of Shabach Ministries of Praise, Inc. (Shabach Ministries). In 1990, he established The Shabach Church (TSC) in Orlando, Florida and appointed an Executive and Assistant Pastor to shepherd the local church body. In 2012, Dr. Hall completed his greatest philanthropic venture by donating the old club “Dudes” on S. Highland Ave., in Apopka, FL. He generously funded the project and in eight months stewards of TSC preformed the majority of the construction. The grand opening and completion of Phase I was in October of the same year. Dr. Hall continues to work tediously on the field in order to break ground in 2014, on phase II of III.

In 2005, he established The Shabach Christian Church Fellowship (SCCF) and serves as the spiritual voice navigating a select group of pastors and churches within the United States. In addition, he mentors many seeking a “spiritual father”, leadership, and wisdom in the gospel through The Shabach Son’s and Daughter’s (TSSD) outreach program. Dr. Hall has been ministering and traveling as a renowned Prophet for over 25 years. The Shabach Nation annually assembles during the last week of October for Holy Convocation.

Shabach Ministries

The Shabach Christian Church Fellowship

The Shabach Christian Church Fellowship (SCCF) is an organization of independent churches located throughout the United States founded by Dr. Todd M. Hall, Sr.

SCCF extends spiritual covering, mentorship, leadership training, and provides a unified network for pastors, while supporting the autonomy of the local church. We recognize that it is the responsibility of pastors who are called into a lifetime of ministry, service, sacrifice, and leadership to strengthen one another in an effort to further the Kingdom.

Our cultural core values are accountability, balance, transparency, and relationship building. Praise is the heartbeat of our ministry and the foundation by which we stand on the word and promises of God.

Our motto is “One Fellowship, One Praise!”

SCC Fellowship

Southern Region of Shabach

Formerly Known as Higher Ground Ministries of the World, is a collective of churches led by Regional Bishop Keith K. Curry under the covering of Shabach Leader Chief Apostle Todd M. Hall Sr. 

HGMW was originally founded in 2011, and currently has 10 churches under its leadership throughout the United States. These states include North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Virginia, California, Mississippi, and Pennsylvania. 

HGMW leader Apostle Keith. K. Curry officiated the merger with The Shabach Christian Church Fellowship in 2019.