F.I.S.T School of Theology

The Free & Independent School of Theology began in 2007 as an extension of Anchor Bible College of North Carolina. It began with the intention of equipping the leadership of our affiliated church Free & Independent Apostolic Church Inc. This venture blossomed from training not only our leadership, but also allowing our membership the opportunity to gain the same knowledge. Now as of 2020 we offer our program to the public for anyone who is willing to accept the challenge of a higher learning opportunity.


The faculty of Free & Independent School of Theology

  • Dean Keith K. Curry, Th. D.


  • Administrator - Dr. Kisha M. Curry, DBS

    School Administrator

  • Professor Phyllis Smith, M. Th.

    Associates Program

    Introduction to Theology

  • Professor - Dr. Erick Smith, TH. D.

    Bachelors Program

    Church History

  • Professor - Dr. Phillip Hendricks, TH. D.

    Masters Program


  • Professor - Dr. Jeremy Zollars, Th. D.

    Graduate Program

    The Lost Books

  • Professor Dr. Keith Curry, TH. D.

    Doctoral Class

    Defending The Faith

Are You ready to start your theology journey?

The FIST faculty would love to see you start your Biblical Studies journey here with us. We promise that this is the Bible like you've never heard it before. We look forward to helping you expand theological doctrine. Download the fist application today and email your completed copy to fisttheology@gmail.com